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Real estate

Construction law

Construction law, real estate development, the sale, purchase and rental of commercial and industrial property (having regard to its particular urban or rural context) is an area of legal practice where DBB’s clients; whether they are architects, consulting engineers, property managers, contractors, subcontractors, owners or tenants; rely on our legal services. The issues to be taken into account often involve complex questions of procedure and expert opinion given the number of different economic actors who are concerned.

Clients look to DBB for its assistance on numerous related matters including: obtaining and organizing finance; deciding on a suitable corporate structure; drafting and up-dating of promotional contracts; assistance for managing agents or at board meetings; the preparation or revision of the basic rules and regulations for tenancy associations, and assistance with building management initiatives.

The Construction law department can rely on our administrative law and litigation practitioners for their assistance in any litigation before the civil, criminal and administrative Courts, including where required before the State Council (Conseil D’Etat).

ESTABLISHING BUSINESS PREMISES - DBB can assist you with the geographical and physical establishment of commercial or industrial premises. Making such arrangements poses complex problems - including obtaining commercial leases as well as the appropriate socio-economic, environmental and technical permits and licenses for the premises and activities in question.