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Tax and Estate planning

Estate Planning - The means used in estate planning are varied and require a global strategic approach that is at arms length at the same time as it is fine-tuned to the particular situation. Onerous gifts or legacies, non-profits of all kinds, private foundations, dividend payments structuring, liquidation, reduction of capital, stock buy-backs, partitioning, entrusting the administration of a legislation to certain heirs, life insurance, trusts, geographical planning and relocation of certain interests to other countries, foundations,  associations, … our office in close co-operation with its clients will find solutions, well-suited to your needs and priorities, which do not necessarily overlap.

Wealth, transfer and estate taxes - Planning a succession in a purely national or international context includes subjects closely linked to the individual. The laws of succession and change of ownership, registration law, increase or decrease in value, taxation of individuals, non-residents, corporations,  local taxes, real estate taxes, sponsoring and patronage.

Asset Management - Once appraised of your personal situation, we can support you in managing your estate, planning in matters of banking or financial regulation and offer you an interesting solution with the help of intermediates in the field, whose aim is to assist you in managing your assets and means.

Our team is vigilant to the needs of corporate managers  and investors and works closely with the experts in our Corporate department.


  • Immobilier r├ęsidentiel en France pour des Belges

    DBB peut aider a structurer l’achat d’un bien ( SCI ou en vif, avec ou sans endettement,..) , conseiller sur la structure de détention en fonction d’objectifs fiscaux liés aux impôts sur le revenu Francais et Belge , d’objectifs patrimoniaux et successoraux ou en fonction des niches fiscales encore utilisables( loueur meublé,...), et aider a préparer la transmission ou la revente du bien en évitant les pièges de la fiscalité transfontalière

    DBB se coordonne avec les autres professionnels: -Banque, family office, notaire, agents et promoteurs immobiliers, ...