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Collaborative family law

Collaborative Law is a voluntary and confidential process whereby conflicts are resolved through negotiations in the field of family law. It therefore constitutes an  Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism, implying a way of thinking, a discourse, guidance and teamwork without compare. It requires a sustained and personal effort both from the clients and their counsel. Legal rules are not necessarily the only frame of reference used to arrive at a solution.

DBB specialists, who have gone through specific training at the Bar, are consulted to ensure that the agreement is respected and executed, and can play an active role in drafting rules of procedure and help find an amicable conciliation that is both efficient and sustainable, without having to turn to more litigious procedures. Over and above this training, our specialists contribute their personal qualities (soft skills) and sharp sense of initiative in order to resolve any conflict.

In addition to other forms of dispute resolution, DBB lawyers involved in collaborative law benefit from the shared experience of their colleagues who regularly serve as mediators, referees in commercial disputes or business law matters or as a part-time judges, and so are capable of reconciling the parties (See also ADR).