• Barthelemy Jean-Emmanuel

    Mons (Belgium)

Intellectual property

Copyright law

Authors anxious to protect their rights, rights management companies or companies active in the field of new technologies, film and music ... DBB is able to assist you in planning rights protection and putting that into practice through drafting licensing, publishing or performance contracts. Further, we are regularly called on to enforce rights through infringement proceedings, including those for plagiarism.

The creation of a database represents a significant economic investment for which legal protection is available. Such protection is relatively recent following major legal developments in the late 1990s that were led by EU law. EU law protects databases through copyright provided they are sufficiently creative. Other databases, especially those that are compilations of information or commonplace data, such as telephone directories, music charts or football match listings, may benefit from a new form of protection introduced by the 1996 Database Directive. This protection, known as the “sui generis” database right, is a specific property right for databases and is unrelated to other forms of protection such as copyright. The author of a database can oppose any modification or alteration that would affect its integrity and any attempts at unauthorised exploitation.