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Employment and social security

Employment law

Our lawyers advise and assist employers and employees in both the pre-contractual phase (during recruitment) and throughout the course of the employment contract including as regards breaches of the employment relationship.

DBB advises on the establishment of employees’ representative bodies and the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements. We assists companies not only with restructuring and closures, but also with regard to the elections held every four years among a Belgian company’s employees to elect the members of the work council and the workplace health and safety committee (CPPT/CPBW). (These are referred to as the "social elections" and are regulated by very detailed legislation. All private sector companies employing more than 100 employees are obliged by law to set up a work council and a CPPT/CPBW. Businesses with over 50 workers only have to establish the latter.) We equally assist when the dismissal of a personnel’s representative occurs.