Dispute resolution


Deontological codes are often labeled “SoftLaw”. Nonetheless they have an impact on the daily activities of many actors in our society and should not be underestimated: professionals of all practices, and more specifically the regulated professions, athletes, members of associations,…

Through its “Disciplinary Law” department, DBB provides the necessary know-how to assist in writing and reviewing ethical codes of condact for several distinct fileds of activity. In this matter, special attention is devoted to competition law.  We strive to come up with a workable, efficient and enforceable instrument with a real added value that constrains their subjects’  behavior, or their expectations to the content of the code.

Effective representation during the course of disciplinary procedures before various instances such as  councils and commissions, are also part  of our field of action. We also closely monitor and comment upon the evolution in disciplinary rulings, concerning for instance their impact on the rights of defense and other important principles and their evolution

Our expertise is complementary to that of the departments of Life Sciences and Insurances