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Dispute resolution

Criminal Litigation

Our firm has developed great knowledge of general criminal law (examination and discovery,  investigation, joinder of a civil party, criminal court proceedings, court of appeal proceedings, disciplinary courts, courts of investigation, police courts) but we also assist in defending infractions in areas including financial law, tax law, corporate law and environmental law.

DBB considers its strengths in specialization, its experience and the complementarity of its practitioners as essential to enabling its intervention in complex cases that require a judicial  combination of criminal and business lawyer skills, making it possible to represent our clients in all instances up to the highest Belgian and European Courts. Our team of criminal lawyers works closely with the corporate, tax and social law departments.

Police Examinations and Arrest Warrants - DBB accompanies its clients during their examination by the police and the examining magistrate and is competent to challenge national, European and international arrest warrants.

Judicial Inquiries - DBB accompanies its clients in ongoing inquiries and investigations so that their testimony is recorded and enables them to provide a correct record of the facts, as well as any exonerating facts, exceptions or exemptions, especially in more complex matters.

Civil Procedure - DBB prepares and files all joinder proceedings required in criminal cases to allow its client  to claim damages in criminal procedures, and, if necessary to initiate criminal investigation, so that all damages suffered can be recovered.