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Non profit and charity

This area of practice has assumed an increasingly important place within business affairs.  If philosophical, philanthropic, cultural, sports or inter-professional objectives dictate or inspire the projects of DBB's clients in the first place, they nevertheless want to establish the legal and financial security of their projects so as to ensure that they are sustainable.

DBB's clients seek its advice on the incorporation of appropriate vehicles such as the not-for-profit association (asbl/vzw) and the international not-for-profit association (aisbl/ivzw) under Belgian law; as well as on the establishment of foundations, companies that have social objectives, trusts or other international structures. We advise on the organisation and re-organisation of such structures (through mergers; contributions - whether in kind or of capital; acquisitions, restructuring or liquidation).

As a first step we endeavour to understand the specific context within which clients, including renowned national and international federations, operate - so that we can better advise their boards and other stakeholders.

When bringing the resources of a multidisciplinary team to bear is important, this department can call on resources from the Estate Planning, Tax, Restructuring and Professional Ethics departments.