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Company law

Enterprise structure and financial instruments - DBB assists its clients with their financial planning by helping to put in place the necessary financial instruments, including share warrants, share options and stock options.

Corporate housekeeping - For certain clients we undertake the drafting in due form (and implementation after adoption) of the relevant management body’s decisions, so as to ensure compliance with Belgian company law. We assist with the drafting of internal company documents, including internal regulations (règlements d'ordre intérieur/interne reglementen) codes of conduct for directors and inter-group contracts.

Internal Company disputes - Within companies disputes can arise between shareholders - or, for example, between shareholders and directors - DBB can assist in such situations. Firstly, by pre-empting conflicts (through mediation, conciliation, drafting of shareholders' settlement agreements). Secondly, through conflict management (including, for example, defence of minority shareholders, preparation of general meetings, minority actions, appointment of a provisional administrator, urgent actions for interim suspension of general meetings, proceedings for criminal liability, actions alleging personal liability of directors, squeeze-out or forced removal; actions for the compulsory acquisition of shares of a minority shareholder; assistance with expert valuations).

Insolvency and Liquidation - Whether acting for a company in difficulty, or a creditor, we assist clients to prepare the documents and proceedings for (voluntary or compulsory) insolvency and liquidation.

Directors Liability - Extension of liability for business failures- We counsel shareholders or, alternatively, a company's directors, where an action for damages or proceedings for the extension of liability for insolvency against the directors personally (extension de faillite/uitbreiding van het faillissement) are in contemplation.

White collar crime and criminal law- Our lawyers assist legal persons and / or the directors.