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Insurance and liability

Our Insurance & Liabilities team consists of specialists who deal with insurance coverage and liability from the viewpoints of both the insured and the insurer. DBB’s practice is recognized for its know-how in the field of insurance with regard to both civil and penal liability. As regards industrial civil liability (civil liability for business risks, civil product liability, fires) and automotive risks we act for both insurers and insured parties.

Our team also specializes in representation regarding civil liability for the exercise of judicial mandates (on behalf of curators, liquidators, administrators) as well as the professional liability of lawyers, accountants and real estate agents. Our practice covers damage claims in respect of injury or death due to medical errors, negligence and fire.

Our team will intervene in the pre-conflict phase to try and find an amicable settlement. We also litigate before the civil courts and the courts having jurisdiction over the professions inBelgium. We work closely with our colleagues from the ADR and Life Sciences groups.

Civil and penal exploitation liability - Representing our clients, (whether individuals, businesses or insurers) against civil and penal claims in the pre-conflict phase and before the courts.

Civil liability in case of fire - Representing both insureds and insurers in conflicts related to fire damage as regards liability or the assessment and recovery of damages affecting persons and property.

Civil liability for defective products - Representing individuals, businesses or insurers in conflicts connected to civil liability for defective products.

Liability of motorists (civil or criminal claims) - Representing individuals, businesses or insurers in conflicts connected to the liability of motorists both before civil and criminal courts.

Professional civil liability - Representing our clients, both individuals and insurers with regard to professional liability of legal administrators (curators, liquidators, administrators of personal property, etc.) and also of lawyers, accountants, experts and real estate agents. Our services are available both in the pre-conflict phase as well as before the courts of civil and criminal jurisdiction. 

Personal injuries or death - Representing our clients in claims for damages and interest arising from physical injuries or death whether caused by accident, medical negligence or fire.