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Distribution (franchise, resale, agency)

DBB’s lawyers are recognized for their practical experience of commercial distribution arrangements - whether acting for a company that is establishing a wholesale distribution network for goods and services or for a single distributor implementing its obligations under a distribution agreement. Whether advising on master-franchise or franchise contracts, exclusive distribution agreements and commercial agency agreements our lawyers will assist you to execute your commercial projects efficiently.

DBB will intervene early to draft and fine-tune contracts and to assist with structuring networks. We act for and defend our clients in judicial or arbitration proceedings and seek for solutions through mediation.

The DBB Distribution Team works closely together with our Corporate, Employment, Intellectual Property, Tax, Administrative and ADR practitioners.

DBB organizes the second edition of the Brussels Distribution Conference on 5 October 2017.

Franchise agreements - DBB helps to implement and develop franchise networks and offers a complete range of legal services in the field of franchising. In cross-border transactions, across multiple jurisdictions, we act as our clients’ co-coordinating Counsel. Our practice will use its know-how to assist clients in managing formalities for the acquisition or construction of premises for commercial distribution and logistics operations, for the operation of commercial leases and the disposal of business assets.

Commercial Agency agreements - Although the guiding principles remain the same the legislation implementing the EU Directive on commercial agents differs in every member state of the European Union.. DBB  assists in drafting commercial agency agreements and, where necessary, in modifying them in the light of new market conditions or new jurisprudence.

Exclusive distribution agreements - Belgium is the only member state of the European Union that maintains specific national legislation concerning the terms and conditions of exclusive distribution agreements. The terms of such contracts are strictly controlled by a Belgian law dating from 1961. Great care needs to be taken when drafting an exclusive distribution agreement for Belgium so as to limit potential liability for the payment of compensation and damages to the appointed distributor on termination.

Foreign distribution agreements - Our clients benefit from DBB’s international network when they decide to expand to other countries.

Competition Law - Our office optimizes distribution agreements to comply with the requirements of competition (anti-trust) law. We manage and litigate disputes concerning the correct interpretation of National, European and International competition laws.